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Step Over Your Own Dead Body

Well, here's a little Good Friday inspiration on Holy Saturday. I'm learning a lot about video editing, and one of them is that video editing takes a lot of time. And like most technology, rarely goes as planned. So here is the devotion I recorded, I apologize for the wind sound. But stick with it, I hope you find it worth it (and my next lesson will be how to get rid of wind noise)

Here is the key part from the book, in case you really have trouble with hearing it in the video:

"The meaning of dying to self has to be something as obvious as the fact that . . . I die. I cease to be. I have to step over my body to get on with life. I am no longer the reason for my existence. I am no longer concerned with my own happiness. How can you be concerned with the happiness of someone who is dead? I am no more. I am no longer in the picture. I am no longer the center of my own little universe. I no longer arrange the world around myself. Go to the place where you sued to find John Fischer, and you won't find him anymore. He's dead. The place is empty, and instead, you should counter a shining being standing next to the door wanting to know why you are seeking the dead among the living.

"At least this is the way it should be and the way it can be. Come to where you used to find me, and you should find Christ instead, living and caring for others at the expense of himself, the way he always did."

--John Fischer, On a Hill Too Far Away

Here is today's Holy Week Wordsearch

Barrington Bunny: This story is my all-time favorite, a parable appropriate for Holy Week and the times in which we find ourselves. Parent Alert: Watch it yourself before watching it with younger kids. The main character dies sacrificially (kinda like Jesus, and that's the point) I'd call it PG-11ish?

May you fully embrace Christ's sacrifice for you, so that YOU can live into the resurrection.

-- Pastor Mike

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