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Small Groups


Have you ever come to church, looked around and seen many people chatting and enjoying one another? Have you felt left out or wondered how you could connect with others in such a meaningful way? We believe that becoming a part of a small group will help you feel connected in a unique way. Small group experiences can help us connect to one another and connect to God more deeply. Please consider a small group as a step to feeling connected on a social and spiritual level.


What are Small Groups? Just that—a small group of people (8 to 12) who get together for interactive faith discussions, social interactions and a way to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ. Small groups are about growing in our understanding of our Lord and what it means to live a Christian life in today's society. It is about growing in a faith community and thinking about our broader community.



Small groups give believers a depth and confidence to serve God by going out to others in love and service. The mission of small groups at Yorkminster is to strengthen our relationship with Jesus Christ through building Christian community.

Reasons you should consider joining a small group

Everyone is welcome—you don’t have to be a member of Yorkminster or even know anyone at the church to join a small group. You are invited to connect in a small group regardless of your understanding of faith, or whether you've been in a church before.  Please know that you will be warmly welcomed.  If you would like to learn more, or you would like to hear about what small groups are available, contact us and we'll help you get connected. We have approximately 10 active small groups meeting at all different times to meet your needs. We pray for a small group experience that could make a difference in your life.

The Small Group Ministry Team

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