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Opportunities to Serve

Yorkminster depends on our volunteers to carry out our mission. We are grateful for anyone to help us in a way that works with their own unique talents. Although this list is by no means exhaustive, here are some ways you can make a difference:

Serve During Church

Following are just a few of the duties that are performed during worship. Volunteers are asked to help once every 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Greeter - For those with a quick smile and a welcoming heart, consider greeting those who come to church. Shake hands, open doors and answer questions visitors may have.

  • Usher - Welcome everyone to worship and hand out programs at the sanctuary doors before services begin. Distribute and collect the offering plate during the service.

  • Worship Leader - Serve alongside the pastors as you come to the pulpit to introduce and lead specific prayers during the service.

  • Acolyte - Children from 2nd to 8th grades can be the official candle-lighter who brings in and carries out the light of Christ at the open and close of worship.

  • Nursery Worker - We need two adults in both our infant and toddler nurseries to take care of our youngest children.

Let us know you want to help.


Share a Special Talent

Yorkminster has a few volunteer needs for specific talents.  If your talents lie in one of these areas you can apply your passion to help others.

  • Cooking Team - Our church holds a variety of special events, including a monthly Fellowship Dinner, that require meals. If you love to cook, we would love to have you join us in our state-of-the-art kitchen.

  • Giving Garden - YPC grows a garden and donates all of the produce to help feed the hungry. If you love to garden or would like to learn, we could use your talents in our garden.

  • Prayer Shawl - If you love to knit or crochet, we could use your talents to help make prayer shawls to bring love and care to those in our community who are going through difficult times.

Let us know you want to help.

Serve on a Church Committee

Yorkminster has a number of committees that direct the work of our church. Each committee is headed by an elder or deacon and welcomes interested individuals to join them. Most committees meet once a month. Following is a list of the current committees:

  • Christian Education – oversees the operation of the educational arm of the church including Sunday School and youth programs with subcommittees focusing on children, youth and adults

  • Commitment – encourages stewardship of time, talent and treasure by church members; plans and conducts the annual campaign for support of church operations

  • Communication – promotes improved communication within and beyond the church family

  • Information Technology – manages all aspects of the church's information technology

  • Congregational Care – provides care and nurture of church members with meals during a family crisis, Stephen Ministry and transportation to doctor’s appointments, for example

  • Evangelism – works to share the saving grace of Jesus in the community, to welcome visitors with warmth and to incorporate new members into YPC’s ministry and mission

  • Congregational Fellowship – is responsible for Fellowship Dinners, festivals and other social activities of YPC

  • Financial Oversight – oversees the financial matters of the church, including preparation of the annual operating budget

  • Global Mission – is responsible for national/international mission funding, communication with and about the missionaries we support, planning/implementation of mission trips, and sponsoring special causes (such as Heifer International and Rise Against Hunger

  • Local Outreach – is responsible for local benevolences and mission efforts, including “hands-on” missions for local members, such as York County Food Closet and Lackey Clinic

  • Property – maintains, repairs, and improves our buildings, equipment and grounds

  • Worship – oversees the operation of the worship service and is responsible for music, sound equipment, ushers, flowers, decorations, both nurseries and communion preparation


Let us know you want to help.

Contact the church office at 757-898-4972 or if you would like to help in any of these areas.

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