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Activities for Adults

JOY Group
All Yorkminster's adults are invited to participate in the JOY Group for Christian fellowship, learning and service. 

Functional Fitness

Do you think it is time to improve your physical shape, weight, balance, strength and overall condition? If yes, come join us for a workout. It is never too late to start! People with a wide spectrum of abilities benefit from this workout led by our talented Susie McHoney. Susie has taught classes at Riverside Wellness Center for many years. It could help prevent health problems in
the future by improving your physical shape now.  


Classes are on Monday and Thursday mornings at 9:00 a..m. 

Men and women are welcome!   Come both days or just one day a week. Donation recommended is $15 a month for 4 classes or less, $25 for more than 4 classes. Bring a mat (chairs provided if preferred),, barbells (if you would like). and water bottle.  Wear comfortable clothing.  Questions, call Betsy Mitchell, 757-898-4524. 

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