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Honduras Mission Trip

Why does Yorkminster send volunteers to Honduras each year?

We have been sending teams to Honduras since around 2008, to visit and work in communities around Trinidad de Copan. Over the years, our teams have conducted medical clinics, built houses and cooking stoves, made close friends and spread the love of God. After multiple medical and building trips, our doctors realized that most of the illnesses they were treating were related to a lack of clean water. So in 2015, YPC sent a team to the Living Waters for the World training program to prepare to expand our mission work in Honduras.


What is Living Waters for the World?

Living Waters is a Christian ministry of PC(USA) that provides sustainable clean water for communities in need. This is accomplished through the installation of water treatment systems and related educational programs, address a critical niche of the world water crisis: communities with available but contaminated water.

Long-term access to clean water is achieved by empowering mission teams to:

  • Form partnerships with institutions

  • Provide water treatment systems and related health education materials to their partners

  • Train their partners to implement, operate and maintain their water systems and lead ongoing community health education to ensure long-term sustainable outcomes

and ensuring that clean water will continue to flow through on-going support of its water system partners via a series of regional networks.

What has Yorkminster accomplished so far with these water systems?

In summer 2015, YPC sent a team to San Jose to install a water system and conduct health education training. Several team members went back in 2016 to visit San Jose, deliver supplies for the water system, and look for a new installation site. We traveled 1.5 hours on a bumpy mountain road to reach a village called Las Vueltas.

In summer 2017, we installed our second system, in Las Vueltas.

In summer 2018, we visited our friends in San Jose and Las Vueltas, and installed a third system in Santa Rita de Oriente.

Please be in prayer for our mission team's safety and success!

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