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Using Our Facilities

Yorkminster's facilities are available for use by community organizations.

A nominal fee may be charged as detailed in our church's Building Use Policy and Request Form. After reviewing that policy, the following meeting facilities may be requested on the (hardcopy) form:

  • Sanctuary - Includes seating for 350 close friends, for appropriate activities only.

  • Covenant Hall - Covenant Hall is a large multipurpose room with ready access to a commercial-grade kitchen with serving line and tray return. It can seat up to 350 people at 5-foot round tables or seat approximately 600. It has a raised stage at one end and includes a sound system.

  • The Commons - Adjacent to Covenant Hall is a large foyer or Commons that makes an excellent area for a reception of ~125 people or so. It includes a small kitchenette/counter for simple food preparation. A smaller room for groups less than 25 is also available. Both have ready access to the commercial-grade kitchen.

  • Founder's Hall - Includes seating for ~200 or dining tables for ~100; it is adjacent to a small kitchen and has a raised stage at one end.

  • Classrooms - Several small classrooms with space for 12-15 people around central tables.


A nominal fee may be charged as detailed in our church's Wedding Use Policy. After reviewing that policy, please return the application and liability release forms included in the Wedding Policy document.

Please contact the office ( for more information.

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