Adult Sunday School

Sunday Morning Opportunities to Study God's Word

We have many classes for adults during the Sunday School hour (11:00 to 11:50 a.m.) that are offered on an ongoing basis. These classes rotate teachers and topics. Anyone is welcome to join any class at any time. The current classes and topics are:

Discipleship Class 
Current Topic: The Great Commission

Is the "Great Commission" just a suggestion

from our Risen Lord? Is discipleship optional to

Christians? Am I truly obeying, loving and

following Jesus? Find those answers and more

in a class led by Vince Wisniewski and Larry

Shriver. Vince will bring disciple-building ideals

and evangelism perspectives from the Dietrich

Bonhoeffer Project in which he is enrolled.

Meeting in Room 18 and via Zoom


Fellowship Class

Current Topic: James and I, II, and III John

It is believed that this James was the half-brother of Jesus and he was considered a pillar of the church by Paul.  James is primarily concerned with how the Christian faith should be applied on a day to day basis - how we can be doers of the Word and not just hearers.

The letters of John are believed written by the same John who wrote the Gospel.  The first letter is intended for believers in general.  The second letter was most likely written for a specific congregation and the last letter was addressed to a specific person.  John addresses the Gnostic teaching that was influencing the churches in the region at that time.  Gnostics denied that Jesus was the Son of God and that virtue was inferior to knowledge - to name a few of their beliefs.
This class is facilitated by Walter Judd, Steve Mitchell, John Parker and Linda Shoff.

Meeting in Room 16

Christian World View Class 
Current Topic: The class looks at selected world news stories from a Christian perspective.

Meeting in the Conference Room

The below classes are currently suspended

Parlor Class

Current Topic: "The Walk: Five Essential Practices

of the Christian Life" by Adam Hamilton

(DVD study)

Meeting in Room 15 (Parlor)


New Class

Current Topic: A Look at Christian Theology

Meeting in the CE Office