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Adult Sunday School

Sunday Morning Opportunities to Study God's Word

We have many classes for adults during the Sunday School hour (11:00 to 11:50 a.m.) that are offered on an ongoing basis. These classes rotate teachers and topics. Anyone is welcome to join any class at any time. The current classes and topics are:

Contemporary Class 

Current Topic: Mark, the first Gospel

Written shortly after the death of Peter, the Gospel of Mark sets down a compact and fast-moving telling of the life and ministry of Jesus.  Our study will focus on Jesus’ preparing the disciples for ministry after Jesus leaves them.  The disciples had a variety of backgrounds, personalities skills and abilities.  Jesus chose them and prepared them to carry forward a work that was greater than any of them individually and collectively.  Mark is often recommended as the “starting place” for new believers.  It also offers deeper truth about what it means to be a disciple.

Meeting in Room 18. Click here to join this class via Zoom.

Fellowship Class

Current Topic: Book of Revelation

The apostle John is considered the author and the Book is believed to have been written around 95 AD. The Book of Revelation begins and ends with Jesus Christ. There are different approaches to interpretation - have the prophecies already been fulfilled; are they occurring now; are they signs of things to come or are they symbolic of other things, like good or evil?  While there are no clear answers to the question, come join us as we explore what the Book says.

Meeting in Room 16

Christian World View Class 
Current Topic: The class looks at selected world news stories from a Christian perspective.

Meeting in the Conference Room

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