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Adult Sunday School

Sunday Morning Opportunities to Study God's Word

We have many classes for adults during the Sunday School hour (11:00 to 11:50 a.m.) that are offered on an ongoing basis. These classes rotate teachers and topics. Anyone is welcome to join any class at any time. The current classes and topics are:

Contemporary Class 

Current Topic: Questions Jesus Asks

 Jesus asked more than 300 questions as recorded in the gospels. Asking questions is an effective way of improving our listening skills. By using questions we are saying to the speaker, “I hear you.” “What you are saying is important to me.” And by extension, “You are important to me.” Jesus was an effective listener! The Contemporary Class begins a new study on April 7. We will look at nine questions Jesus asked. The answers to these questions are not easy. We will discover that Jesus is asking each of us these same questions. How do these timeless questions and our answers to them affect our lives and faith as followers of Jesus Christ? 

This discussion-based class seeks to apply the truth of Scripture to the questions and issues of todays world.  Members include men and women and welcomes all ages.


Meeting in Room 18. Click HERE to join the class meeting via Zoom.

Fellowship Class

Current Topic: Book of Psalms

Psalms are songs and prayers that can tell us what it feels like to walk the way of the Lord. There are different types of psalms - wisdom, nature and history to name a few.  Almost half of the 150 psalms were written by David and Moses even has a few - the book was compiled over several hundred years. Some of our hymns draw upon the Psalms showing us the messages are timeless. Come learn some of the songs of the heart.

The longest meeting adult Sunday School class at Yorkminster, the Fellowship class studies the Bible every week. We are a “read and discuss” group with four facilitators rotating in the leader’s chair. We use a textbook provided by David C. Cook publishers and highlight one or more books in each thirteen-week study. Occasionally we will stop the textbook studies for a few weeks and participate in a Lenten or Advent study. We encourage students to read the version of the Bible they like and often cite the differences in phrases and word used. Personal experiences spice up the classes as
both teachers and students share examples of Christian living. 

Meeting in Room 16

Disciple Class 
Current Topic: Essential Guide to Becoming a Disciple

Dennis Allen is committed to developing disciples.  He was a Langley F-15 pilot, then a national and international business CEO, served in the leadership of startup, mid-size and mega churches and is an Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics alumnus.

Questions his book generates:   

  • Why are millennials leaving the church in droves? 

  • Why do pastors and staff members work themselves to exhaustion while most church members just warm the pews? 

  • Why do believers war with one another instead of pulling together? 

  • Why has society stopped listening to the concerns of Christians? 

  • Are we forging reproductive disciples or just multiplying 'Christianized' spectators?

Lean how we can Build Disciples with a study of "Essential Guide to Becoming a Disciple."

Meeting in the Conference Room.

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