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Missionaries We Support

Jed and Jenny Koball


More info: PCUSA website

Jed assists the Peru Joining Hands Network (Red Uniendo Manos Peru). 

Joining Hands is an initiative of the Presbyterian Hunger Program that addresses

root causes of hunger. Jenny is the Peru site coordinator for the Presbyterian Young

Adult Volunteer (YAV) program, which sends people ages 19 to 30 to serve in communities of need in the United States and abroad.

Alan and Judy Norman


More info:

Alan and Judy Norman are doctors working with "Healing Hearts in Cambodia." Through the Mercy Medical Center, they are training doctors and nurses to serve in their communities, and of course, they are on the front lines working to end the Covid-19 pandemic.



Inge and Larry Sthreshley

Democratic Republic of the Congo


More info: PCUSA website


Postal Mail:
The Sthreshleys
Congo Pouch
c/o Area Office for
Central and West Africa
100 Witherspoon St.
Louisville, KY 40402-1396


As a health liaison Larry assists with the development of the health ministries of churches and their role in the health system of Congo. Inge also works on the nutrition, home garden, and clean cook stove components of the ASSP project


Our Sister Church

In addition we are continuing to nurture our relationship with our sister church, Kindele,
in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the capital city of Kinshasa.

Pastor's Email:

Nadine Nsamba, the delegate from Kindele that visited Yorkminster in 2009:

They speak French, so, if possible, have your messages translated before sending them.

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