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Encouragement for these times - new blog from YPC

Sisters and brothers, our hope is to provide some congregational connection during this time of "social distance." We may have to maintain a safe distance physically, yet the Holy Spirit connects us in the ways that really matter.

So here are some spiritual helps, and some boredom busters, and maybe a video or two to brighten your day. Know that if you need anything, our community is here to help. The church office is keeping regular hours, you can email Pastor Marc or myself, or call if it is an emergency.

First, there are some great devotions online that you can subscribe to. Today's comes from the Upper Room (and we'll send you a print copy of the booklet if you would like to have one:

Daily Devotional for March 19, 2020 Halftime By Flo Au (Hong Kong, China) Read Romans 12:1-8 We do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 2 Corinthians 4:16 (NIV)

Several friends of mine are planning to move to other companies. They have sent many letters out, but most of them have received no reply. A few were invited to interviews, but the positions offered a lower salary and rank. It seems that many employers are looking for new graduates, so the middle-aged are often less-preferred candidates. It is hard for us to secure a similar position in another company. A famous TV star in our city says in an ad that age is just a number. Yet, in reality, this number seems to pave the road ahead with more obstacles. Besides challenges in the workplace, our health becomes more fragile, and we more frequently experience the grief of people close to us dying.

I am thankful that God understands this experience. Even though our bodies deteriorate, our spirits and minds can be renewed by scripture, the people God places in our lives, and the experiences of God’s love we have each day. This can give us the energy to move forward in faith even as we wait for the day when we will live in eternity with God.

Today's Prayer Dear God, help us to feel your comfort and have the courage to move on. Amen.

NEXT, a spiritual challenge for today: Begin praying through our church directory! A newer copy was sent by email a few weeks ago. Many members are taking advantage of the smartphone or online app, If you or someone you know needs a printed copy of our member list (full print directory is on hold for the moment), please contact the church office and we will mail it to you.

Start with your own name, and then pray for the next five or so people each day (you decide how many) until you get through the whole directory. And I sure hope we will be back together before you are done!

Boredom Busting Suggestions for the day:

  1. Fill out your Census Form! You should have received a letter from the Census Bureau with the Census ID for your address. Go to and fill in your form. If you can't complete this by computer, they will mail you a form in a few weeks.

  2. Here is a link to an inspirational word search. You can print it, or you can open it in photo editing software and highlight the search on your screen.

  3. Pray in color with this coloring page from

Finally, for kids of all ages: Several times a week I will share one of my favorite children's books and a prayer. Today's selection is The Three Questions:

We hope you find this blog meaningful and helpful! Feel free to leave comments and ideas, and share with your friends. You can connect with us in your favorite social media #YPCconnect

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Barbara H. Pitts
Barbara H. Pitts
Mar 20, 2020

Love the "3 Questions" book. Our grandsons have the book, and I have enjoyed reading it to them. Great idea to help our families in this way!



I love this so much! Thank you to Pastor Mike and everyone at YPC who are helping to keep us connected.

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