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Easter Hope

I'm not sure anyone was more surprised by the resurrection than those closest to Jesus - the disciples themselves. There did not seem to be anyone saying, "You just wait..." or "I told you so. " Well, except Jesus himself. There did not seem to be any uncertainty among the disciples; Jesus died a horrible death, and the life of ministry that had called them away from their day jobs was done. They huddled in fear that they would meet a similar fate, rather than hope that the words that Jesus spoke were really true.

So do we dare hope? We sit isolated, afraid, wondering if there is even an end to this tunnel, let alone a light.

And yet on the third day, Jesus fulfilled God's unimaginable promises. The empty tomb, angels, earthquakes, none of these were enough to convince those who would be apostles that God in Jesus had really defeated death. It was not until Jesus himself appears to the disciples locked hiding place that they dare to believe.

So do we dare hope, in the midst of the tragedy and uncertainty among us? How will Jesus burst into your home, your life this Easter?

In the video below, I read an allegory that no matter how many times I read

it, envelopes me in mystery and hope. May it do the same for you.

-- Pastor Mike

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