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Alleluia! Adventure awaits?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

We think the world we know now is changing. How about the way the world was changed forever, 2000 years ago? The disciples fell asleep, defeated and depressed. They didn't have the stamina to stay awake with Jesus, they didn't have the fortitude to stand with him at his crucifixion. The Sabbath brought only sadness. They huddled in hiding, wondering what their future might be like as they fell asleep that Saturday night.

Until the next morning, when the women who had gone to complete Jesus' burial returned to say an angel told them Jesus was alive! Did they think maybe this was all a dream... until it wasn't. Their Lord, our Lord, was alive, raised from death on the third day! There was no going back, only going forward to a very different future, a very challenging future, one that meant risking their lives daily to spread the good news.

Our world is changing. Fast. We will never be able to "go back to the way it was." Death, sadness, and fear are very much at the forefront of our thoughts. And while what we are facing is very different from the challenges of the disciples, at the same time it is not so different. The disciples followed a risen Lord, trusted him to guide them, to walk with them, even though they would be beaten, imprisoned, and in many cases martyred. It was an adventure, yes, a dangerous one, and it was a mission.

We need to follow and trust Jesus, too, into this uncertain future. And we do not need to wait for the government to figure out the logistics of daily life in this new world before we start praying for Jesus to guide US forward. What opportunities are there ahead of us? How will Christ transform our hearts and minds when we get out of the way and let God do that? What do we need to let go of in order to become the missionaries in this new way of being that Christ intends us to be? Food for thought, I hope! ---Pastor Mike

  • Boredom Buster: Many of you all ask how my daughter is doing, (my son is doing very well at the moment, praise God!). So here is an opportunity to see for yourself, if you enjoy astronomy, and especially stargazing, you will enjoy this. She helped design the GODO one-of-a-kind facility in this video, and she and her compatriot Jack show it off to the world.

  • Prayer and coloring project: Alleluia Mosaic!

And here is Pastor Mike reading "Make the Moose Out of Life," about a moose who learns that spontaneous adventure can be fun!

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