Welcome to VBS at Home

The King is on a quest to find special armor, God's armor.  Join Sparky, the Arctic Dragon and your knight friends on great adventure to "Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power!"  Knights who complete the quest by creating their own set of armor and memorizing the Bible verse will be rewarded with a Sweet Frog gift card!

Hopefully you have picked up your backpack for each participating child, and your instruction bag.  We have worked hard to create an experience that is fun and meaningful for your family, with minimal stress for the adults.  Included in the packs are most of the items you will need.   In addition, you will need:

  • a computer or TV with an internet connection

  • scissors 

  • tape


We know your child will dump out the bag to see what's in it.  We strongly recommend you be present when this happens, helping your child to put it back together and preventing pieces from getting lost. There is a toy to assemble called the "Dragon Jump up," which is not connected to a particular day.  This is a fun way to give them something to do with the kit before you actually start the VBS program.  There are also a number of coloring pages with the theme Bible verse.


We recommend keeping your supplies together in the backpack.  Several of the activities require that supplies be reused.  The instructions for each session have a supply list.  When we were planning for in-person VBS, we altered a number of the activities to simplify them, so in some sessions you will not need everything listed.  In other sessions, we have added activities.  We have also included age-appropriate activity booklets to help reinforce what they are learning.

The publisher has provided a pre-recorded video for each session.  THE PAUSE BUTTON IS YOUR FRIEND!  Be prepared to pause to gather what you need, or to complete the activity.  We have supplemented these videos with some instructional videos of our own, and from other sources, view them here


Cokesbury VBS Pre-recorded Videos

Many volunteers helped put these packs together for you, and even though they have been checked and re-checked, there is still a possibility that something was missed.   Please contact me if I can be of assistance,