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Laugh Out Loud

This note from Ed and Barton made me laugh this week! I hope it does the same for you. My husband Anthony's method of dealing with the anxious times has been concocting a series of puns and other wordplay, though by far the most popular thus far is "I didn't know for Lent we had to give up people." You can see more of his strange sense of humor on his facebook feed

For your devotion, here is a prayer shared with us by the good folks at the Presbytery of Eastern Virginia.

Boredom buster: Remember when you said, "I really need to learn how to do that?" Learn a new-to-you feature on some piece of technology in your life.

  • Call a friend today!

  • What's the funniest movie you've ever watched? Compare ideas with your family, maybe you can find it to watch today!

  • Make a Palm for Palm Sunday! (Here's a pattern) Pastor Mike will post more ideas about Palm Making on Saturday morning.

Here's a devotion I recorded for Camp Hanover's Virtual Vespers. You can see the whole program on their facebook page:

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